Simon’s 50th Birthday


Although it was a ‘Bank Holiday’ in the UK, I still worked during the morning to keep up with my self-imposed marking schedule. Then we met with our family for a birthday lunch for Simon, our son-in-law who was celebrating his fiftieth birthday.

We always celebrate family birthday’s, usually with a visit to a restaurant. We had not been to The Fighting Cocks before, it not far from Audley End railway station; we will be going again. The food was excellent, but even better was the gluten-free selection; Oliver and I had difficulty choosing from the wide range; I will be going back for gluten-free sausage and mash with onion gravy, the curry and at least two more puddings. The owner’s wife and daughter are both Coeliac so we were confident that they knew what they were doing. Later in the year they will be producing a separate gluten-free menu. After lunch we went to their house for cake.

Today’s picture is the whole group, kindly taken by one of the other diners in the Fighting Cocks, it shows us just before we ate our pudding; gluten-free apple crumble and cream in my case.

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