Rose of Sharon


Or another name for it is St John’s Wort.

We went into Cambridge town this morning and this was meant to be a brief visit before going over to the Beehive Centre to look at garden loungers for our balcony; all did not go to plan!

While we were drinking coffee in the second café we visited, our daughter telephoned. She was over at the Beehive Centre in the Maplins shop, but the item she wanted was only available in the Maplins in town; would we collect it from the town shop for her? Once we had collected it we decided to take it immediately to the new offices and clinic and after a tour of the premises, which are not far from Scotsdales, we went to Scotsdales for lunch. We could not decide whether to then go back to the Beehive Centre, but the garden loungers can wait, so we came home.

Today’s picture is of one of the flowers on one of our Rose of Sharon bushes covered in small black beetles; we have several clumps, but this one is the only one with flowers on it so far this year

The picture below is of Dougal; he says he is doing his daily exercises and next he will touch his toes.


The Upper Reaches of the River Cam


This morning I walked to our GP’s surgery with my husband so that he could collect a form to have an x-ray on his right knee; this x-ray has now been arranged at Addenbrookes for Thursday 7 July. On the way to the surgery I took several pictures and almost blipped a train which conveniently travelled through the station at the time I was crossing the bridge.

Instead, today’s picture, which I have blipped before, is of a short section of part of the Upper Reaches of the River Cam, which can now be easily seen as the surrounding overgrown vegetation and some of the tress have been cut. It flows from about six miles South of our village and not far from our home, through to Cambridge and then travels on, in a North-easterly direction, until it joins the River Great Ouse just South of Ely, which then connects the Cam to the sea at King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

It has been a day of sunshine and showers, but not particularly cold.

Wild Mallow with Insect


I spent the morning sorting out various appointments and my Ocado order, which will be delivered on Saturday this week rather than Friday. I also booked a ten-week course in Saffron Walden for ‘Beginners Patchwork’ stating in October. In the distant past I did a lot of sewing, knitting and craftwork, but only a little patchwork, so decided that this ten-week course would be a good idea.

After lunch I started on the housework and had completed all of the downstairs and half of the stairs when my husband called me to help him clear the blocked drain. I spent some of the afternoon with my arm, up to the elbow down the kitchen drain! Between us we eventually cleared the blockage and was surprised to see that there were some bits of cement and brick rubble, left by the builders no doubt, which had caused part of the problem. My job was also to catch these bits as they flowed towards the sceptic tank. My husband cannot get down on his knees very well and his large hands make the job more difficult for him. It is not the first time I have had to do this and I doubt that it will be the last.

Today’s picture is of an insect on a wild Mallow flower, which is growing in our largest border; I have no idea what the insect might be.



A trip into Cambridge today as my husband had an Addenbrookes appointment during the afternoon. Although British Home Stores is still trading, the café is closed, so we went to Harriet’s Tea Rooms for breakfast. Although we have been to Harriet’s in the past, so we know it is good, we also plan to try various cafés until we find one we like; this may well be Harriets!

A walk around Cambridge, taking pictures, with a stop at the University Centre for cake and coffee, before catching the bus to Addenbrookes in the afternoon. I had used the ‘Park and Ride’ and when we came out of Addenbrookes the next bus was not due for twenty-eight minutes, the one after, forty-three minutes; so much for a bus every ten minutes. We decided to walk, as we do sometimes and as usual, the boards were wrong and a bus past us when we were halfway to the car park.

The weather in Cambridge was variable with some sun as well as being overcast at times, but it did not rain. Today’s picture, taken along King’s Parade is of some tourists wearing colourful hats and clothes.

Rhapsody in Blue



Another warm, sunny day and our neighbours visited this morning for coffee. This is quite a rare occurrence as although we seen them when they pass the house on their way to work or when one or the other of us have taken in a parcel, we tend not to visit each other’s homes. Today was an exception as they brought me a present from their recent holiday. They had not been before as they had both been poorly while on their cruise and when they arrived home.

Today’s picture is of my second favourite rose, it is called Rhapsody in Blue and is a cross between a blue and a purple. I chose this instead of my present which is a hand painted china cat.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Ocado delivery was scheduled for between 0730 and 0830 hours this morning; it arrived at 0718 hours. Fortunately I was up, which is quite remarkable, as dawn had arrived and the birds were singing before I went to bed. My husband went to bed at his normal time, but got up around 0200 hours just to make sure I was okay and not asleep in my armchair! For such a momentous occasion I felt the need to see the results as they came in, but eventually my eyes would not stay open any longer and I went to bed at a point when I felt I had a good idea of which way the vote would go.

Today the weather has been warm and sunny, after the torrential rain we have of late. Today’s picture is of our pond after the rain.