Today’s picture taken after I checked on Bo this evening is of my rose ‘Tea Clipper’. The blooms are many, but very small this year; Probably because I did not prune my roses this year!

I made an early start on the marking and the shopping was delivered and put away by 0730 hours. Next I went to feed Bo; the gate to his run was still shut, but he was not in his run. Panic set in, had he been stolen in the night? I had an old mobile number for one of the daughters of the family so I sent a text to see if she, or her sister had collected him; no they had not. During this time my daughter rang on our landline telephone to ask me why I was not answering my mobile. I said because I was looking for Bo. She had been on FaceBook before leaving for work and said ‘I know where he is’. I hotfooted it to my computer FaceBook and waited impatiently while the computer connected to the Internet. There on FaceBook was his picture on our local village news page. I telephoned and then went to collect him. The lady who rescued him wanted proof that I was the right person to give it too. Fortunately I had photos of him on my phone and also told her where I lived.

I took him home on a cat lead that we had when Dougal was so poorly and not allowed out without a lead. As I was approaching Bo’s run he decided to go a bit faster and without thinking I walked across some wooden decking, which I never do. My feet went from under me and I landed on my back, hitting my head on the ground and banging my elbow on a concrete step; it hurt so much that I thought I had broken my elbow. I repaired Bo’s run where he had dug his way out and then came home.

On my return home after being dosed up with painkillers and Voltorol rubbed on my arm, back and leg I did some marking, but by then it was almost 1100 hours. The elbow stopped hurting, but there is an enormous blue and red bruise on my arm.

Update: 21 September 2016 – Pains in arm and shoulder still persist, despite painkillers and Voltorol.

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