Baby Squirrel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been a lovely warm day, but I have been indoors sorting out the piles of paperwork that have accumulated over the last couple of weeks; I also did the end of month figures.

It was when doing the figures that I noticed my mobile telephone bill had increased alarmingly, although my husband’s had not. Further investigation, via the good old Internet, shows that some ‘premium smart codes’ have been set up, without my knowledge. This apparently is illegal and is happening quite a lot, it is also a complex situation, but the phone companies are aware that it is happening and fortunately ‘three’ who we are with, is one of the companies that is looking into blocking these calls. It is related to the 1968 theft act too, as it is illegal to send reverse charge unsolicited text messages; some are from 09 numbers too. It seems there is a way to get your money back as, a body called PhonePayPlus, who have the same powers as OfCom can deal with it. We are going to Cambridge tomorrow for another of my husbands many Addenbrookes appointments so we will go into town first to the ‘three’ shop to see what they have to say; not a lot I suspect.

Today’s picture is of a baby Squirrel that was feeding from the nut box, but then he decided to sit on the wall and pose for me; it was taken through the glass doors

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