On The Pond


Female Mallard and Ducklings

I am getting seriously behind here, so much for having more time now that I am not working! This is another back blip, I have two to do as well as one for today (Thursday).

I decided to take some before and after pictures of the borders before I started on them, for my blip. Then I saw this family on the pond and as they are the first ducklings that I have seen in my garden this year they had to be blipped.

I spent a long time soring out the front garden, plus two large brick containers as well as the front hanging baskets and window boxes. They are not perfect, but look better: I need to some more bedding plants so a good excuse to go to Scotsdales again.

It has been very hot and gardening has not done my bruises and back ache a lot of good! Bo is behaving himself, he is not normally walked long distances, but he is enjoying being taken round the garden morning and night (his garden is a decent size like mine, but I keep him on a long lead; he enjoys sniffing around the garden as well as running to catch his ball.

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