Bird FeedersI visited my daughter this morning for coffee and a catch-up and as we both had to go to the pharmacy we walked into the village.

It was very hot for most of the day and I sat in the garden for a while reading my book, instead of tackling another border. Then my husband and I put together the new bird feeder stand. He was going to make one, but the cost of the materials would be about twice what this one cost; good old Amazon. Today’s picture shows it standing in the garden and yes, it is lopsided. Once it had been straightened I forgot to take another picture.

Last night two lads knocked on our door, (not the hooligans), to ask if it was our dog that was on the train tracks. They had shooed it off and it had raced off towards to the quarry; his home is in that direction. When I got down to his house, he was already back in his run. He had dug his way out again so I fixed the fence and hopefully he will not escape again. If he does get out I hope he does not get onto the railway track.

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