European Grey Squirrel


It has been raining on and off all day although I did manage to put in some plants including another six Lavenders as well as Apple Mint and Chocolate Mint; mint grows like crazy, but I do not mind if it fills up some corners of the borders. I also put some more Busy Lizzies in the window boxes and tubs as well as some more Lobelia. Every year I wonder why I fill all these planters, as I then have to remember to water them everyday!

I also completed the first twelve weeks, online, of my mammal sightings, seen in my garden, for the ‘People’s Trust for Endangered Species’ although I am not sure that grey squirrels are an endangered species! Just one more week after this week and the survey will be over for another year; I have completed this survey since 2003 so sixteen years of mammal watching.

Today’s picture is of the new bird feeder stand, complete with a squirrel; I watched it climb easily up the pole. There is a device that fits the pole to prevent squirrels doing this, but from the numerous reviews of them, it seems that the squirrels learn, in a few days, how to get round them.

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