We Are Nine

D and F

Well it was our birthday yesterday, but as they were still celebrating Victoria’s birthday we are having our birthday today; we like Victoria so we do not mind.

As is usual on our birthday, I get to write in the journal. We had a new collar each, well I had mine two weeks ago as I kept breaking mine and making it fall off and we each had a new bowl. Do you know, we also had to have ‘Frontline’, whatever that is and a worm tablet. Then we had our breakfast in our new bowls. She said it was rabbit, but it did not taste anything like the fresh ones we catch ourselves. Then we went out into our garden to play, even though it was raining.

Of course, today’s picture is of me and Florence eating from our new bowls. Well I was being stubborn and would not pose properly from the correct side. Florence also ate some of my breakfast, as I would not come down when called as I thought she might try and put something else down my throat.

Happy birthday to our big sister Sybil, do you know, until our Mum reminded them yesterday, they had forgotten it was her birthday, but she was going to get a new collar anyway.

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