A trip into Cambridge today as my husband had an Addenbrookes appointment during the afternoon. Although British Home Stores is still trading, the café is closed, so we went to Harriet’s Tea Rooms for breakfast. Although we have been to Harriet’s in the past, so we know it is good, we also plan to try various cafés until we find one we like; this may well be Harriets!

A walk around Cambridge, taking pictures, with a stop at the University Centre for cake and coffee, before catching the bus to Addenbrookes in the afternoon. I had used the ‘Park and Ride’ and when we came out of Addenbrookes the next bus was not due for twenty-eight minutes, the one after, forty-three minutes; so much for a bus every ten minutes. We decided to walk, as we do sometimes and as usual, the boards were wrong and a bus past us when we were halfway to the car park.

The weather in Cambridge was variable with some sun as well as being overcast at times, but it did not rain. Today’s picture, taken along King’s Parade is of some tourists wearing colourful hats and clothes.

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