Wild Mallow with Insect


I spent the morning sorting out various appointments and my Ocado order, which will be delivered on Saturday this week rather than Friday. I also booked a ten-week course in Saffron Walden for ‘Beginners Patchwork’ stating in October. In the distant past I did a lot of sewing, knitting and craftwork, but only a little patchwork, so decided that this ten-week course would be a good idea.

After lunch I started on the housework and had completed all of the downstairs and half of the stairs when my husband called me to help him clear the blocked drain. I spent some of the afternoon with my arm, up to the elbow down the kitchen drain! Between us we eventually cleared the blockage and was surprised to see that there were some bits of cement and brick rubble, left by the builders no doubt, which had caused part of the problem. My job was also to catch these bits as they flowed towards the sceptic tank. My husband cannot get down on his knees very well and his large hands make the job more difficult for him. It is not the first time I have had to do this and I doubt that it will be the last.

Today’s picture is of an insect on a wild Mallow flower, which is growing in our largest border; I have no idea what the insect might be.

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