Bee on a Wild Mallow Flower

Odds and ends of paperwork completed this morning as well as a few indoor jobs. Victoria and Jake visited during the afternoon when they were out for a walk.

Today’s main picture is another bee, this time collecting pollen from a wild Mallow flower. I have also included a white butterfly, which, settled on a white flower with its wings closed and did not move for a long time.



While my husband and granddaughter continued to work on the kitchen windows during the morning I went into Saffron Walden with my daughter to get my nails done. They have finally recovered after about nine weeks. I will have to ‘rest’ them every few months otherwise I will have the same problem. We found time for coffee and cake in Café CouCou and to get some small items of shopping.

Once home I collected my husband and we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch, no time to look around before his Addenbrookes hospital appointment.

Once home I toured the garden looking for a picture and decided that these blackberries, growing through my variegated holly bush would be my choice today. I hope their early appearance does not signal the end of summer.

Mainly warm and dry, but with some light rain during the morning and a heavy downpour driving to Addenbrookes.

Flower Display


Today my husband had another meeting, with doctors, surgeons and medial professionals in Great Dunmow, we went a little earlier than necessary so that we could have lunch together. After he went to the meeting, I visited a ‘baking’ shop where I bought a new twenty centimetre square tin as well as some rose and lavender flavourings. The shop sold just about everything you might need when baking and also sold cakes including some gluten-free ones. I was given a sample of the coconut and chocolate cake, which was very nice. I then visited the Doctor’s Pond where I read my book until it rained, as this was now the middle of the afternoon I went back to the café to have another coffee and a gluten-free fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream. This was excellent, gluten-free scones are so often hard and/or crumbly. I bought some strawberries for supper and then read my book, in the car when it rained and on one of the many benches when the sun shone.

Today’s picture is of one of the many flower displays in the town, this one is outside the library and taken from one of the benches I sat on to read my book when it was not raining.

Sunshine and Showers


The weather started off very grey and dull after overnight rain, but then warmed quite a lot, although there were intermittent showers throughout the day. I have spent time getting up-to-date with emails and other paperwork rather than gardening. I also cleared the third windowsill in the kitchen, of the plants, which live there, re-potting some and taking others outside to enjoy the summer rain.

Victoria has been helping again today and it looks as though the second kitchen window is as far forward as it can be for now. My husband wants to make a start on the third window while he has Victoria to help him, then he can finish both windows himself when she is unavailable.

Today’s picture is of part of the lower garden, our view across the marsh, but also including the dry pond, in the right hand corner.



Victoria has been here today, but has been helping my husband sort out one of the kitchen windows, instead of helping me in the garden. I did some deadheading in the front garden as well as some weeding, but it was rather hot, so I retreated indoors.

Dougal came in very early last night, in time for his supper and to sit on my lap all evening. To redeem himself further today he has brought home two lizards; they were different, one had shed its tail and the second one was complete. Victoria rescued both of them and placed them in a safe place; today’s picture is the second one.

Footnote: It seems that many lizard species are capable of shedding part of their tails through a process that they employ to allow them to escape when captured by the tail by predators so I do not think the first lizard was harmed by Dougal in anyway.