The Maltings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI drove my husband to Great Dunmow today as he had been invited to a meeting with medical and non-medical people who live and work in Essex. It would be a long meeting and I could join if I wanted; I declined. Great Dunmow is a very small town, so what to do for five hours?

The time was easily filled and today’s picture shows where I spent the first hour, sitting on one of the benches, in the sun, reading my book. This was taken just outside the very old building in which the meeting took place. I realised that the sun was very hot and that I did not have any sun cream; it was also lunchtime. In the past, we visited a have Chinese restaurant for birthday celebrations, so I am not unfamiliar with the town. On one such occasion, we had looked at a café but had not been inside. I knew they did jacket potatoes, but much to my surprise they also did gluten-free bread. The Brie and cranberry gluten-free sandwich, with crisps and mixed leaves was delicious. They also do gluten-free cake although I resisted on this occasion. Then I purchased sun cream, before walking to the ‘Doctor’s Pond’ where I took some pictures, sat on a bench and watched the world go by. On my walk, I also discovered a fabric shop as well as one that sells all things to do with baking. I will be visiting them next time we go to Great Dunmow.

Today’s extra picture shows a man fishing in the ‘Doctor’s Pond’ several notices all around say that you cannot fish from the pavement and that fish must not be removed. I saw at least six lots of fishermen and one appeared to be taking his catch home.


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