Oblivious; Or Is She?


I was just about to go out into the garden to look for my picture for today’s blip when I noticed a young Reeves Muntjac in the garden; it is likely to be Hoppy’s offspring as he is the only male that visits the garden. However, there may be a large number of male Muntjac, which we never see! On moving to a better position to take a picture I could see Florence, asleep on the wall and decided that this would be my picture today.

The deer were in the garden again during the night, my husband saw at least one of the bigger Fallow deer close to the back door; it had tripped the security lights. On investigation this morning I noticed that my fuchsias have been pruned once again and some of the smaller plants have been half eaten and in some cases pulled from the ground. I have now decided that they have won this war and I shall be filling the borders that they can get at with ‘woody’ shrubs and plants that they do not like. We could fully fence the garden, but on the plus side I do like to see them and fencing the garden would be a mammoth task.

Below are two pictures of some other wildlife in the garden.

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