Small White Butterflies


Today it is not quite as hot as it has been for the last two days and there is a little breeze, although not everyone will agree with me, this is a much better temperature.

On my walk around the garden this afternoon, accompanied by my husband as well as Dougal and Florence, I saw at least twelve white butterflies on this old Willow stump. Before I could take a picture, Florence decided to investigate and they all flew away.

Although I waited for them to resettle, only six were on the tree stump at any one time, so these are my blip for today. They are called ‘Small White’, (Pieris rapae); their common name, along with the ‘Large White’ is Cabbage White. Looking at the underside these all appear to be male, (please correct me if I am wrong,) but the underside of the female white butterflies are, I think, yellower than these.

First Update: Thanks to Mollyblobs for identifying these, as three Small Whites and three Green-Veined Whites.

Second Update: Thanks to Orchid99 for posting a link to the Big Butterfly County 2016. I have added mine, if you want to join in, this is the link.

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