Rotary Washing Line


I had planned a relatively quiet day today, but last night my husband, while eating nuts, broke a crown, so we had to go to Saffron Walden, early, for him to visit the dentist to get it fixed. I waited in Waitrose’s café with coffee and a magazine. I chose this café as it is close to the dentist; I wish I had chosen somewhere else. There were twelve mums with an equal number of small children, so the noise level was high. Not only that, but children were running round and round bumping into people and totally uncontrolled.

Then we went to Bishop’s Stortford as the light bulbs that my husband chose yesterday had the wrong fitting! We went into the Rosey Lea café for breakfast and I had scrambled egg on gluten-free toast; no cake. The atmosphere there was completely different with small children sitting quietly at their table eating their food.

Today’s picture is not very exciting and is a rotary washing line, which we also purchased today, along with a new washing basket, purple of course, as well as some new pegs. I am not keen on this kind of washing line, but since our first builders took down my washing line and poles and took them away, (why I am not sure,) I have not had a proper washing line. This will do until a proper, long washing line can be erected; it is not quite straight and the base holder should be cemented in, but as a temporary measure will do.

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