Even through I have been rather naughty I am still being allowed to write the journal entry for today and today’s picture is of me washing my tail. Mum says it is to tell everyone, as well as my animal friends, how naughty I have been.

Well, last night it was such a nice evening that I decided not to come in at bedtime. Mum kept calling me and even went out into the garden, in the dark to look for me; she is scared of the dark! However, even when Daddy called me I still did not come in and I stayed out all night. I did not get any supper although Florence got hers, even though she stays out sometimes. I am not allowed to stay out at night, since my accident, but in the end she gave up looking for me and went to bed. When I asked to come in at 0700 hours this morning, when Daddy got up, he did not let me in. I had to wait until 0800 hours for my breakfast, which was last night’s supper, which had been kept in the fridge for me, but I had to share it with Florence. (I have since been in the house to get some of the food from our dish, which is always full of especially nice Royal Canine cat food.) Mum asked me if I wanted to be an outside cat and stay out in the winter when it snows; I cannot remember what snow is, but I think I will not like it.

It has been hot again today and I have not yet decided whether to stay out again tonight. Mum has been cooking chicken, but I did not get any, then she has been watching the Formula One.

Love to all my pussy and doggie friends, remember to stay safe, keep in the shade and drink plenty of water while it is so hot. Did you know that cats could get skin cancer on their ears if they stay out in the sun too long?

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