Victoria has been here today, but has been helping my husband sort out one of the kitchen windows, instead of helping me in the garden. I did some deadheading in the front garden as well as some weeding, but it was rather hot, so I retreated indoors.

Dougal came in very early last night, in time for his supper and to sit on my lap all evening. To redeem himself further today he has brought home two lizards; they were different, one had shed its tail and the second one was complete. Victoria rescued both of them and placed them in a safe place; today’s picture is the second one.

Footnote: It seems that many lizard species are capable of shedding part of their tails through a process that they employ to allow them to escape when captured by the tail by predators so I do not think the first lizard was harmed by Dougal in anyway.

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