Flower Display


Today my husband had another meeting, with doctors, surgeons and medial professionals in Great Dunmow, we went a little earlier than necessary so that we could have lunch together. After he went to the meeting, I visited a ‘baking’ shop where I bought a new twenty centimetre square tin as well as some rose and lavender flavourings. The shop sold just about everything you might need when baking and also sold cakes including some gluten-free ones. I was given a sample of the coconut and chocolate cake, which was very nice. I then visited the Doctor’s Pond where I read my book until it rained, as this was now the middle of the afternoon I went back to the café to have another coffee and a gluten-free fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream. This was excellent, gluten-free scones are so often hard and/or crumbly. I bought some strawberries for supper and then read my book, in the car when it rained and on one of the many benches when the sun shone.

Today’s picture is of one of the many flower displays in the town, this one is outside the library and taken from one of the benches I sat on to read my book when it was not raining.

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