Victoria came this morning; a little later then normal as she had been to her other job first thing. We did some gardening and when it rained we went indoors and sorted out one of the airing cupboards, packing up some items that we never use ready for storage.

Once the rain shower was over and the shrubs had dried a little, we did some more gardening before she went home. Today’s picture shows her as she started to cut down some very overgrown shrubs, (note the phone in her back pocket)! We usually cut these down every year to make them level with the garden wall so that we can see all the way down to the pond. These shrubs were not cut down last year so we even larger than usual. Our ability to see the end of the garden is still hampered a little as the branches of the apple tree are so heavy with apples that they are also obscuring the view. As well as some other jobs, Victoria also cut down two more overgrown shrubs in a different border.

The Nuthatch (yesterday’s picture) visited again today, although I only saw it briefly, but hopefully it will become a regular visitor.

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