From Gardener to Model


Today was a girly shopping day with my daughter and granddaughter; my FitBit registered over 20,000 steps when I normally try to achieve about 10,000 a day. We left their house at 0815 hours, getting back to their home at around 1815 hours. They were shopping for clothes for their forthcoming holiday and today’s picture shows Victoria, trying on one of the dresses that she bought. Yesterday she was gardening with me, hence today’s title ‘From Gardener to Model’. Note the shoes, she found these very early on and wore them at every possible opportunity, reluctantly leaving them in the car when we took the second lot of shopping back to the car. What did I buy? Only lunch and coffees, as I did not see anything I liked.

We lunched in Zizzi, not somewhere we have been before, but they do gluten-free pasta and pizza; the pizza was good, I will try the pasta next time. We also stopped at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home, too late for cake and coffee, but with enough time for my daughter to buy a housewarming gift for her friend that she was visiting during the evening.

It took longer than usual to get home as the M11 was closed Southbound and although we were not using the M11, the traffic is always directed through the villages on to the ‘B’ road that we use; the ‘B” road used to be the A11 until the M11 was built, but is not really good enough now for the amount of traffic it has to take in these situations.

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