When we awoke this morning it looked as though it would be a glorious day so we decided we should go out somewhere. In the end we decided to go to Cambridge as my husband needed to exchange a faulty item. I still have a damaged arm from when I slipped when looking after Bo, which aches when I drive too far and he is not sure how far he can walk now that the orthopaedic boot is off, so we decided that Cromer was too far. As we drove to Cambridge the weather became very overcast and was quite windy; I had not taken a coat although a lot of people were wearing coats and jackets.

We exchanged the item and I bought the next size up of Osprey bag as the one I purchased the other day, although perfect when not carrying a camera is a little small for even my smallest camera. Then we had a walk around Cambridge with coffee and then lunch fitted in. Today’s picture was taken of one of the River Cam Tributaries along the backs, not far from King’s College. As is usual on many of our trips to Cambridge we called at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home for more refreshments. I also bought four more Rose of Sharon shrubs for one of my borders (the deer do not seem to like these) as well as some new solar lights.

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