Rhapsody in Blue


I have spent the whole day sodding messing about with photographs and getting to grips with ‘Dropbox’. In the past I have not used ‘Dropbox’ very often except on the odd occasion when I needed to transfer pictures to my daughter. However, although all my pictures are on my computer, backed up on hard drives and posted on Flickr, I decided that ‘Dropbox’ might be a good thing to back them up to as well. However, it has not been as straightforward as I thought it might and with 50,000 plus photographs it is going to take a while!

Other than that I have done little else, except cook lunch and take a walk around the garden to take today’s picture. My choice today is of my second favourite rose, Rhapsody in Blue and this afternoon, with the sunshine falling on it, it appears to be two different colours.

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