Young Bird


Bird.jpgI am now on house sitting and animal feeding duties as my family have gone on holiday. I tracked them on the taxiway at London Gatwick Airport and lost them almost three hours later over the Atlantic Ocean. I usually lose them at about this point and sometimes pick them up again when they are near land again. The picture below shows them at the end of the runway, although the visible label says RyanAir, that is the plane underneath the information; their flight was Virgin Atlantic.

I did a lot of indoor and outdoor jobs this morning, but not much this afternoon; once again it is very hot.

Today’s picture is of a bird, not sure if it is a young Chaffinch; it is quite small. I took several pictures of it before this one as it was trying to reach the fat balls, but it in its attempt to reach the food, it kept moving about, so the pictures were not sharp. Needless to say I should fill up the feeder for it.


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