Another very hot day, it was supposed to rain, not that I am complaining, although it is rather too hot to do very much, inside or out. The washing dried beautifully and the fans have done their best to keep us cool. Today’s picture, after a very quick walk around the garden, is of a Bumblebee on a Lavender flower.

I have spent much of the day fighting making some photographs do exactly what I want them to do; I am winning.

Ocado delivered this morning and it was not up to its usual standard; it seems to have been a week of various problems. Just after the driver left to turn his vehicle round I noticed that one of the bags was leaking. My husband stopped the driver who was not at all happy about being stopped. There were five sticky items in one of the bags, he said it was condensation. I do know the difference between condensation and a sticky deposit that stuck to my fingers and to my feet in the hall. After humming and haring he registered them for a refund as damaged goods. After washing the floor I then sorted out my shopping. The banana were loose in a bag, not ‘sell by’ date and no tag round the bag. Three were very bruised, the other four just overripe, but the bag looked as though it had been made up of oddments. One pack of yogurts had a short ‘sell by’ date, so I had to telephone Ocado who sorted out the problems and have reported the matter to the correct department.

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