Sybil and Polo

S and P.jpg

Sybil and Polo

We do not often feature in this journal, but our human Mummy and the family have gone somewhere hot. I ask you, has it not been hot here? It has been unbearable. Anyway I digress, we are Sybil and Polo and while our family are away, our human Grandma comes to look after us. She told us earlier in the week that we would have to have our picture taken for blip, but until today we have managed to avoid the camera.

Today, we were both out playing in the garden when she arrived to give us our supper. When we heard the conservatory door open we rushed towards the conservatory and there she was, she only got one usable picture, as in the only other one she took, Polo has her cross face on and I was running so fast that my feet were not in the picture.

We have been very good while our human Grandma has been looking after us, although I have not always eaten my medicine, so she puts it in my food. Does she not realise that I know what she is doing? I eat my supper anyway whether the medicine is in it or not; Polo has been good too.

Today’s picture shows me at the front and Polo on the top step, we do not pose like Dougal and Florence who are always happy to have their picture taken; they are posers and you can see them in the extra picture. Polo is my cat Mummy and Dougal and Florence’s cat Mummy, but I am the eldest and the biggest and Florence is the youngest and the smallest.


Dougal and Florence – Posers!

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