It rained heavily yesterday evening and during the night, but by this morning it was bright and sunny again.

Everyday I have been checking the Water Mint flowers down by the large pond and I still have not seen Mint Moths this year. However, after getting several pictures of a white butterfly on the Water Mint, I moved to one of our Buddleja plants and found these two butterflies.

It is a Bank Holiday in England today and I have done various jobs. All of our animal and bird food is delivered every two months from Amazon (by using ‘Subscribe and Save’ it works out much cheaper than anywhere else,) so I have been sorting out the recent delivery, decanting it into large storage containers rather than keeping it in the cardboard boxes in which it arrives. I also did some housework, not much, just a little. Other than that I have not done much else except to take a walk around the garden looking for my picture. I am in the process of emptying, by eating the contents of the freezer, which is almost on its last legs, so profiteroles are defrosting for pudding this evening. Like many other things in this house, the freezer was chosen by someone else, so it is very old; it is time it was replaced. That will happen when the new kitchen is finally installed.

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