St Mary the Virgin


I went into Saffron Walden with my daughter this morning to get my nails done; sparkly purple this time. Then home for lunch and to do some work. Later this afternoon I walked into the village to collect our medication from the pharmacy. On the way there I took this picture of the village Church. I have taken it from this angle many times before and chose it today as it shows the dark clouds behind the Church. During my walk, the sky contained white fluffy clouds in a blue sky as well as this ominous looking cloud; it did not rain.



Three years ago today I spent seventeen hours at Addenbrookes hospital, having taken my husband there in the early hours of the morning; I expected to come home without him. So as this is his anniversary we decided to go to Cambridge for the day, even though the weather was supposed to be wet. As it happens it rained as we drove there and while we were on the Park and Ride bus, but the rest of the time, despite some dark clouds, the sun shone.

We had various stops for coffee and went to the University Centre for lunch. I was complaining loudly that I was fed up with the same one dish on the menu that I could eat and no suitable potatoes (potatoes in cafés and restaurants are frequently coated in flour) when the lady who now runs the restaurant section, suggested that they cook something for me. I suggested the salmon, which they had on the menu, but which had breadcrumbs on it. In the end they cooked Hake for me, with new potatoes and sweetcorn; all the salmon waiting to be cooked, already had the coating on it. I have never eaten Hake before; it was quite nice.

Today’s picture is of the stripes on the lawn in front of King’s College and King’s College Chapel with the huge Horse Chestnut tree and The Senate House in the background. Unfortunately the tree looks as though it has started to succumb, in places, to the dreaded new disease, which is attacking the Horse Chestnut trees.

Under The Pear Tree


A day of doing not very much cooking lunch and watching films, or movies, as my granddaughter would say, during the afternoon. The weather looked as though it would rain, but then the sun shone during the afternoon and it was quite warm.

Today’s picture is of two Fallow deer, an adult and a younger one eating windfall pears under one of our pear trees. As always it was taken through the kitchen window an across the orchard.



We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning and made the usual rounds of the cafés for breakfast and later, coffee and cake. I also looked at Nissan cars, but they all seem so much bigger and uglier than my little Peugeot. It is time to think about changing her as the bodywork is starting to need a lot of work.

Today’s pictures are  of my two favourite roses, Rhapsody in Blue, is it fades and the Tea Clipper bud. The roses are almost finished, for this year, but now I can start to look forward to my favourite flower, the Snowdrop.