Following on from yesterday’s animals, today’s picture is of two black and white cows grazing, near the River Cam. They are not my favourite animals and once they started to move towards me, I retreated to the University Centre for coffee.

My iPhone, which is over three years old, has had a problem for the last week or two with short battery life; today I had an appointment at the Apple shop at 1400 hours. We decided to make a day of it and started with breakfast in Bill’s before doing some shopping and walking. I bought a new ‘Craghopper’ gillet in a size 14; I have, for as long as I can remember been a 16, but clearly some weight has come off my top half as well.

At the Apple shop I discovered that my iPhone, which is a ‘5’ and its battery were on their last legs. However, they could give me a new iPhone 5 for the price of a new battery, £59. I had already checked in the ‘3’ shop and the plan I am on is no longer available, but I can keep it for now unless I upgrade my phone. To upgrade my phone would cost £49 and a new plan, for less data etc., than I have now would be at least another £4. I decided to go for the exchanged iPhone, for now. I had backed it up when I left the shop all I had to do was restore it from the iCloud.

Not so easy! When I got home the software on the new phone was not as up- to-date as on my old one, so it is back to the Apple shop in the morning.

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