Today we went back to Cambridge to sort out the software on my replacement iPhone. Obviously I did not have an appointment, but was booked in, placed in a queue and asked to return in thirty minutes. While we waited, we had coffee in Costa, which is close to the Apple shop in Lion Yard. Then my phone’s software was updated and I decided to restore the phone from the Cloud while I was there; it took a while. Then we had lunch in Ed’s Diner in Lion Yard. We had not been there before, but they have a gluten- free menu. I had a burger in a bun, something I have never had before and some fries. It was okay, but if we go there again, we will go early enough to try their breakfast; I am not keen on burgers, now that I have had one.

Then we had a walk, ending up at the University Centre where we had coffee before coming home again. I took this picture near the market place of these people, some eating lunch, others just resting.

Once home I then had to restore the rest of my apps and items from iTunes and now two hours later it is almost back to where it was three days ago. There seem to be some new apps, which I do not want, so I will spend the rest of the evening sorting out the layout, which seems to be slightly different. Then maybe I will be able to catch up with comments and your journals.

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