White Butterfly


I made a quick trip into Saffron Walden with my daughter this morning so that we could get our nails done. It is the first time I have seen her since before she went to Mexico. I then had coffee at her home and watched one of the videos of them all taking part in various activities, such as jumping off a cliff into water and hanging on zip wires; not for me. Next week I shall look at the four hundred or so photographs that they took.

Home to cook lunch and take some pictures before the Ocado lorry arrives later this afternoon.

Today’s picture is of a white butterfly, feeding on the Water Mint flowers, it was very windy and the two butterflies that were in the garden, kept flying around, so this is the best shot that I managed to get.

The deer, not content with eating the apples and pears in the orchard, last night, once again ate the flowers and leaves on my one remaining fuchsia plant, which is right outside the back door. Not only did they eat that, but they also ate all of my Christmas cacti, which had been outside all summer. I always bring them back indoors in the middle of September when they flower profusely. I doubt they will flower this year and probably not survive to flower again.

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