Today I accompanied my daughter and granddaughter to South Woodford, which is a suburb of Woodford in North East London. I purchased the tickets yesterday and the ticket officer said there were no known problems. However, once on the platform this morning we discovered that the train was going to Stratford, not London Liverpool Street, which was nearer to where we were going, so a bonus for us. However, once we got to Bishop’s Stortford, three stops along the line, we discovered that there was a problem with overhead lines. The Stansted Express was apparently leaving the platform before our train and we were advised to catch it, so we all got of the train, however, it was then announced that our original train was going first so we all piled back on. I am not sure why the Stansted Express was able to go to London Liverpool Street, as there were engineering works on the line, but maybe it was possible for just a few trains to go through. Our train driver then announced that we would not be stopping at one of the schedule stops so passengers for that station were advised to get off one stop early and catch another train. Obviously we were making up time as the Stansted Express was behind us; we arrived at Stratford only four minutes late. I have never been to Stratford and although there is a huge retail complex we did not visit it, but went four stops along the underground, which at that point, confusingly, is almost all overground. We were early for their appointment so had coffee in Costa. The return journey was uneventful.

I took today’s picture of these flowers, which I think were made of wood, during a brief walk around the town.

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