Well, today is my anniversary, not my birthday, but a bit like a birthday, as it is the day I had my accident, almost half my lifetime ago. Daddy has a special anniversary too, at the end of September; it is when we were very, very poorly and almost died. Anyway, I do not remember very much about that day or the week after when I stayed in hospital; some of the months afterwards are also a bit hazy too as I was not allowed out, for six months! Giunio mended my broken back and I am as good as new; well almost.

Mum wanted a picture of me and Florence together, but we were a bit naughty. We were let out at 0700 hours this morning and we came back in the house at 0800 hours and slept upstairs until 1100 hours, then we both went out; Florence has not been seen since, but hopefully she will turn up in time for supper. I brought Mum a present today, she still feels guilty about running over me, it was a lizard, but she allowed it to run away. I wanted to play with it, I do not eat lizards, even Florence, who eats anything, does not eat lizards. Mum made me come in so I stayed in most of the afternoon.

It has been very hot today, just like the day four years ago. So here is today’s picture of me, sitting on our perimeter wall, in the shade of the trees, next to the lane.

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