Bees on Sedum Flowers


Another hot day although I am not sure whether it is hotter than yesterday; there is a slight breeze today. I went our for a meal with some colleagues who I worked with over ten years ago and when we came out of the restaurant, at about 2200 hours, several people were driving around with their car tops down. Others were still sitting outside the pubs as I drove home, in shorts and tee-shirts. Unheard of for September, but as some of you will know, yesterday was the hottest September in the UK since 1911.

Today I have been catching up with paperwork and I also checked the OU site, although this October’s groups will not be allocated until 22 September or even later. It seems I already have a tutor group forum, so hopefully that means I will have a group.

Today’s picture is of two bees on one of my Sedum flowers.

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