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The First Fog of Autumn 2016

We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning for breakfast and then while we were in Lloyds Pharmacy we were offered our flu jabs. We were asked to go back at 1215; this is the earliest we have ever had them. We used to go to the pharmacy in the village, but our very efficient pharmacist has moved on and the new staff are not very organised. During the morning we had more coffee in Waterstones and gluten-free pear and chocolate biscuits. I also purchased a piece of gluten-free lemon and blueberry cake with fresh cream, from Café Thyme, where we had breakfast, which I brought home with me. I must not go on eating this much every day otherwise I will gain all the weight I have lost!! While I was in Bishop’s Stortford I bought six small cactus plants as well as six white wicker storage baskets for my shower room.

I took today’s picture before I went out of one of out squirrels, just before he took a drink from one of our water bowls. I fill several water bowls around the garden as well as the bird bath so that the deer, foxes and other animals can get water during this hot weather. I encourage them into the garden, with food and water and then wonder why they eat my plants.

My main picture shows that it was quite foggy this morning, but once this cleared, around mid-morning the day has been very hot and sunny.

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