On the 9 September I noted in my journal that the deer had eaten all my Christmas cactus plants, which had been outside for the summer. Since then they have been sitting on the floor in the conservatory. Originally the four pots had been one plant and they had grown so big that they had been separated into four plants. Today, as I had some cactus compost left from making my cactus garden yesterday afternoon, I decided to recombine all the bits into one plant and hope that some parts will grow.

Today’s picture shows the end result and hopefully I will be able to blip some flowers from it in the future. I had a large collection of cactus plants at one time and once the conservatory ceases to be a storage area for my kitchen equipment and cupboards I might buy some more. I particularly want a plant like the one my Dad had; it thrived on neglect and produced huge red flowers every year.

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