I spent the morning updating photographs on the Internet and bringing my diary up-to-date with all the cut-off and important dates, until May 2017, for the Open University October presentation of Y032, which I tutor. I do not yet have a group; they will be allocated during the next few days. So I have not prepared anything until I know I have been contracted.

Just before lunch I looked at some journals and was inspired by Dave, another blipper who had been doing the same this this morning, to go out into the garden this afternoon and cut down my Golden Rod as well as some other plants and weeds. I only did an hour before my back and my shoulder declared that it was time to stop. I still have a great many shrubs to trim, but they will have to wait for another day. Hopefully my granddaughter will be around to help, maybe on a Saturday morning or during half-term.

Today’s picture is the first of three wheelbarrow loads of shrub cuttings and weeds; helped by Dougal who managed to get into most of my pictures. I can now see all of the small pond as well as the rockery that surrounds it from my kitchen window. Before coming indoors I refilled all the wild animal water bowls and bird feeders. Maybe now I will be able to see the animals that come to drink the water at dusk

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