OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA busy day today with many student tutorials to give, so not much time to find a blip. There are very few roses or any flowers, left in the garden and I wanted a pink one today for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, the garden did not oblige so instead you have a red rosebud; anyway, red is just a deeper shade of pink.

So today, I am thinking of V and her daughter C, as well as little M, who had a rare genetic stomach cancer. I am also thinking of two other special ladies as well as anyone, blipper or not, where cancer has touched their lives.



The venetian blind that we ordered last week had arrived in-store and so we collected it today; there will be little time during the coming week to go anywhere. I am working all day on two days and as it is half-term Victoria will be coming to help me in the garden or my husband in the kitchen. One day I will have a new kitchen!

Today’s picture was taken in the South Street Pantry and is of one of their Halloween decorations, it was either this picture or my gluten-free bacon sandwich. Before coming home I purchased some more wool, needles and odds and ends and had coffee in Waterstone’s café.

Harlequin Ladybird

I have not seen many ladybirds this year so when I saw this one on top of my wheely bin it had to be today’s blip; unfortunately it is a Harlequin. One of our native ladybirds was also on the wheely bin, but was moving so I did not get a very good picture, but for completeness it is included.

Today seems to have disappeared although not much has been achieved on my part except for cooking Sunday roast on Saturday and sorting out some knitting.

Male Pheasant


It was raining when I took this picture of one of our male Pheasants, he was down at the bottom of the garden near the pond; this was taken through the end kitchen window. The leaves of one of our apple trees frames him slightly and I was surprised that I had managed to get him in focus.

Then I went to Saffron Walden with my daughter to have my nails done and after returning home for lunch, did some work. Other than a few drops of rain this morning it has been dry, but quite cold; this afternoon it has rained again.

Gluten-free Breakfast


This morning we went into Cambridge for breakfast at Bills in Green Street and today’s picture shows my breakfast with my husband’s in the background. Unfortunately they got several things wrong today, including my husband’s coffee in a glass, which cracked at the table. White bread instead of brown for my husband and fried eggs instead of scrambled. I sent mine back, but the scrambled egg was very slopping and the bacon underdone. However, they gave us two extra coffees free and only charged for one breakfast. A different chef was being trained ready for Christmas and clearly was not up to standard.

We then went to the Hotter shop as I wanted a pair of black shoes. I bought two different pairs as they were buy one, get one-half price. I also saw a lovely handbag and leather gloves, but did not buy those today. We then had coffee in Starbucks, before going to Addenbrookes this afternoon for an informal group session where they discussed what patients waiting for knee surgery are expected to do. This involves making sure that patients are controlling their weight and doing some simple exercises. They also explained what happens once in hospital and showed us one of the knee replacements.

Vegetarian Fox?

This morning I was house sitting for my daughter from 1000 hours until 1200 hours so that a workman could measure her patio door for new glass which will take a larger cat flap; Sybil is rather large and cannot easily get in and out. Fortunately I was early and so was he; I was home again by 1000 hours.

We then went into Bishop’s Stortford to get some more window blinds. We thought we had enough, but the builder did not make some of the windows the same size as the others; we purchased three and we have had to order another one. While we were out we had lunch in the South Street Pantry.

Once home I walked around the garden taking pictures, but once inside again, this fox appeared in the garden, grabbed an apple and departed. Today’s first picture was taken as he grabbed the apple and ran, the second picture was taken immediately after the first and shows him running for cover. As usual this was taken through the kitchen window while he was on the far side of the orchard.

After looking at the picture in a larger size, it looks more like a pear than an apple in his mouth.

Addenbrookes Museum


Today my husband had a late morning appointment at Addenbrookes hospital and while we were there we walked past the new museum display, which is where today’s picture was taken. The museum, created and recently unveiled has been produced to commemorate 250 years of Addenbrookes; it is situated in the corridor between the main concourse and the treatment centre. We did not have time to look at many of the exhibits, but there will be plenty more opportunities to look when we are there over the coming months. Today’s picture is just one of the pieces of information on display. After his appointment we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch before coming home.

It was cold and wet when we went out this morning, but around midday the sun came out and it has been a pleasant if slightly chilly day.