70th Anniversary


On the 1 October 1946, Mensa, the high IQ Society was formed. To commemorate this event, letters posted yesterday, franked 30 September 2016, but to arrive on 1 October 2016 were going to be franked with a special Post Office frank. So yesterday I duly wrote two identical envelopes, one addressed to my husband and one to me. These were both posted in the same post box at the same time and with an identical first class stamp on them. This morning, mine was delivered, my husbands was not; I wonder if it will arrive on Monday and bear the special frank? So to commemorate this event, today’s picture is of the 70th Anniversary frank.

Victoria visited today to help in the garden; she wants to earn pocket money to buy Christmas presents. There is plenty to do in a garden this size and today I decided that she would prune the shrubs and I would do the clearing up. It is usually done the other way around, but as my right-arm has never recovered from when I slipped last June, the loppers make my arm ache. After about an hour it rained slightly, but we decided that as it was light rain we would finish the shrub we had started before going indoors. By the time we had finished that shrub the rain had stopped and the sun came out. Heavy rain started at about 1230 hours so we stopped for lunch having completed twice as much as I had hoped. After lunch she stayed a while just to chat about college and what she is doing in general. It is always a pleasure to see Victoria and many thanks for your help.

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