This morning I decided that it was time to sort out some clothes, mainly socks and underwear. I was in a ruthless mood so did a good job. I then moved onto one of my wardrobes and put some summer things away making room for winter clothes. I got a lot more done than I anticipated and have some bags to take to the clothes bank at our local fire station. Then before watching the F1 highlights I cooked lunch. My daughter informed me today that my favourite game from years ago ‘Age of Empires’ has been re-released. Now I have to look for a version that will run on my Mac. Failing that I think I might have to buy a ‘Windows” machine just to play it on!

Today’s picture is of the lower orchard and the marsh beyond. I had not realised until my husband pointed it out that I had also included our young cherry tree, (his picture for today) which has been eaten by deer; the cage that protects it had come off, whether by deer or my husband’s mowing we do not know.

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