This morning my husband took me to the Cambridge Clear Beauty clinic in Great Shelford where Mr Tariq Ahmad, a Consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, was going to remove my ganglion. In the end, after some discussion it was decided that it would be aspirated. This was a simpler procedure and although it might come back, it might not. If it does it can be aspirated again or removed, but the latter is a larger operation. I agreed to have the operation videoed so it will appear on their various websites. Mr Ahmad is a brilliant surgeon and it is at his own clinic in Great Shelford, run by my daughter, with excellent and caring nursing staff that he does small operations. Larger cosmetic procedures are carried out in other hospitals in Cambridge and Peterborough, as well as Addenbrookes where he operates on children with cleft palettes. The clinic also has a ‘Cool Sculpting’ machine, something that is becoming very popular; it freezes and then sucks out your fat!!

Then we went into Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch to save me cooking today. Since I arrived home I have already dropped a mug of coffee as well as a partial water jug. I still have some numbness and pins and needles in my left-hand and this will remain for a while as I was given a long-lasting anaesthetic into the wound, before I came home; painkillers might be needed by bedtime. Today’s picture could not be anything other than my bandage; it was taken by my husband.

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