Age of Empires

Age of Empires.jpgWhen I start using my Mac computer I said I would never use a ‘Windows’ machine again. Last week my daughter told me that ‘Age of Empires’ had been released again, by ‘Steam’; we thought it was the best game ever. However, it will not run on a Mac without downloading some software to convert it and as I use the Mac for work I did not want to corrupt my Mac. So this morning my husband found one of his old Dells and as you can see from the picture, I have purchased and downloaded the game. Some will say it is very tame compared to the newer games, but we do not agree. The Dell will be used only to play this game; I still maintain that I would not go back to using a ‘Windows’ machine for anything serious.

It rained for most of the morning, but has been sunny this afternoon. I have played Age of Empires so long that by arm, which is waiting for physiotherapy, is agony; painkillers and Voltarol have not made any difference. The pain was so great that I had to stop playing, but it has been worth it.

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