Vegetarian Fox?

This morning I was house sitting for my daughter from 1000 hours until 1200 hours so that a workman could measure her patio door for new glass which will take a larger cat flap; Sybil is rather large and cannot easily get in and out. Fortunately I was early and so was he; I was home again by 1000 hours.

We then went into Bishop’s Stortford to get some more window blinds. We thought we had enough, but the builder did not make some of the windows the same size as the others; we purchased three and we have had to order another one. While we were out we had lunch in the South Street Pantry.

Once home I walked around the garden taking pictures, but once inside again, this fox appeared in the garden, grabbed an apple and departed. Today’s first picture was taken as he grabbed the apple and ran, the second picture was taken immediately after the first and shows him running for cover. As usual this was taken through the kitchen window while he was on the far side of the orchard.

After looking at the picture in a larger size, it looks more like a pear than an apple in his mouth.

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