OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe frost was very visible first thing this morning, but once it melted away the day has been sunny, but still quite cold, although as it is November, that is to be expected. So, a day of doing indoor jobs and dare I say it, sorting out some things for Christmas.

Today’s picture is of a Hoof or Bracket Fungus, I think. It has been growing on this old tree stump for many years and it has been blipped. As it is still Autumn and there are a few new blippers around, I decided that it needed another airing.

Autumn in the Orchard


The day started with thick fog again, was slow to clear; then it rained. Both Dougal and Florence have been outside several times to check the weather, unanimously deciding it was too cold and wet to be outside. I agree with them and have plenty of indoor jobs to do.

I cannot find my birth certificate and this morning I got around to ordering a new one. However, it is possible that it will only have my first name on it. Until I was eight months old, when I was christened, I did not have a middle name. My godmother handed me to the vicar and add a middle name, which was a variation of her name; my father was furious and I have always hated my middle name. I have also replied to various emails and made several telephone calls.

The garden is looking very neglected with wet leaves falling and there was not much to photograph. Florence posed reluctantly, but my final choice is a picture of one of our cherry trees on the right and the Discovery apple tree on the left.

We are now into November and my most hated month, October has passed once again, to be replaced by my second hated month, November. However, there are only fifty-seven sleeps to Christmas!

Update: Looking back at my blip entry on Blipfoto, to five years ago, today’s picture can be compared with the one in 2011. Although from a different angle, the leaves that year have not fallen as quickly.