Cambridge Clear Beauty


I spent the morning working and planned to complete the marking after my visit to Great Shelford; this was not to be and I will have to finish it in the morning.

In the afternoon I went to Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic in Great Shelford to have a chemical peel on my face and to see some products, which Mr Ahmad recommends. I have never been one for putting much on my face, not even using soap on my face, except in my younger days when, like many others at that time, a large amount of ‘panstick’ and eye shadow found its way onto my face every day. However, as I approach my three score years and ten birthday, I decided that it was time to take more care of my skin. I have ‘gel’ nails and these cause quite a lot of damage to the nail itself and as many of you know I have to rest my names every few months. Like many people I also have problems with my heels, which another well-known product does not have any impact on. I shall certainly have those two products on my wish list; a shame it is too late to add them to my Christmas wish list.

Just to add, this is where I have had my Ganglion removed. Mr Tariq Ahmad is a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital, dealing with cleft palates as well as doing a lot of charity work abroad, also on cleft palates, so this is not ‘Mickley Mouse’ stuff; I will let you know if it really does work.

I had planned to take a picture of the clinic or something else, but when I left it was dark so the only picture I took today was of their business card. If you want to see a picture of my daughter, who is the practice manager at Cambridge Clear Beauty, click here.

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