Green Valley Pecan Nuts


It was very frosty and cold this morning, very cold. When we woke up the electricity was off, the trip switch had been activated, so no heating in the house. The pump on our very old boiler had failed.

Around lunch time I took delivery of a very large box. On unpacking it I found today’s blip. A beautiful box of Green Valley Pecan Nuts, plus a magazine and another item, which I will keep secret for now so that I can use it for a future blip. Green Valley Pecans are the best in the world and I am fortunate to have a friend who lives very close to their orchard and their shop; thank you L for my beautiful present; almost to good to eat. The picture does not do them justice, they look so much more beautiful than in the picture.

I have spent a long time today trying to find my ‘Photoshop Elements 14’ book and decided that I might not have purchased one. I visited Amazon and discovered that I did purchase one on the 3 January 2016; a coincidence. I hardly ever post-process my pictures so clearly I have put it somewhere safe. I did find my ‘Pixelmator’ book so I will use that software and book, if necessary, until I find my Elements book

Looking back over my daily journal, as I do every day once I have posted my daily entry I discovered that on 3 January 2016 I blipped a daffodil from the garden. This year they are hardly through the ground!

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