This is Dougal saying hello to everyone and I hope my dog and cat friends all had some new toys. I have played with some of mine, but Florence just ignores them. I understand that my big sister, Sybil plays with her toys quite a lot, but then she needs the exercise.

Do you know, last year only nine percent of her journal featured us cats. I said to Florence, ‘we must make sure we get blipped more than that this year’, so today when she went outside I made sure that she photographed me; Florence stayed indoors as it was really cold outside. If you look closely you can see my claws getting good and ready to scratch things.

They went out this morning, to the dentist, my human Daddy had broken his tooth, again. Apparently my female Mummy waited for him in the Waitrose café, drinking coffee and eating gluten-free mince pies. We of course had to stay in while they were out, but it is rather cold, so maybe that was better for us. Mummy says it is not much higher than five degrees Celsius, whatever that means. She also said that it is going to be very cold tonight, but what do we care, our bedroom is lovely and warm again now that the heating has been fixed.

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