OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have spent most of today sodding messing about with twelve pictures which were taken yesterday for the #ayearwithmycamera. I have finally managed to get them into some sort of collage, but the collage is not very good; they look much better on Flickr where you can see all of the picture. They were not the best pictures as it was dull and overcast with rain yesterday.

Today has not been much better although the sun did shine for a while. It was starting to get dark when my husband reminded me that I had not taken any pictures so a quick walk round the garden revealed very little. Dougal looked the other way and the bulbs are not showing through the ground very much. Although there do not appear to be any wildlife in the garden, I have seen only one Reeves Muntjac since before Christmas, it is clear that they are still visiting as this picture of a tree and the prickly shrub behind it demonstrate.

Below is the collage which I produced for FaceBook and Instagram for #1day12pics #EmmaDavies Photo #AYWMC #Ayearwithmycamera


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