Today’s picture is of the sunrise, not as spectacular as it can be, but I did not take many pictures during the day.

I had an appointment this afternoon with Mr Tariq Ahmad at Cambridge Clear Beauty, who is dealing with the Ganglion on my wrist. This was the third attempt to remove it without doing a surgical procedure. Eighty percent of ganglions will disappear after the third attempt. If it comes back it will have to be surgically removed and is not something I am looking forward to; it is very close to an artery although this is not a problem for him. This time I felt rather poorly and a glass of water had to be fetched! I am not good with my own blood and have a low pain threshold, almost feinting if I cut myself! He was brilliant and said he had worked harder this time, although I think maybe he was being kind.

After a cup of coffee in the clinic I felt fine and as the clinic is not far from Scotsdales Garden Centre, we went there for cake and coffee; our first visit of 2017. I bought a couple of shrubs to put in our largest border before we came home.

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