I was getting my coffee, just before I was due to go online for a Staff Development Event when I saw today’s picture down by the pond. It was a case of grab a camera and take a picture through the window. I was lucky that it was standing by the pond and that I could see it between the top of our wall and our apple tree. It left the garden just seconds after this picture was taken.

I am not sure if it is the smaller of the two foxes we saw quite often last year, but this one has a bad leg, the same leg as the fox I blipped on 6 July 2014. If it is not, then someone is still setting traps to catch the animals. I have not seen Hoppy this year and fear that he is no more. We heard a lot of shotgun noise just before Christmas and suspect that someone was shooting them on the marsh. I have seen one female Reeves Muntjac in the garden this year; there was another one, on the grass verge, just at the top of our lane when I drove home from Addenbrookes the other night. It was not possible to see in the dark and my headlights whether it was a male or a female.

There was a very sharp frost again this morning and although the sun has been shinning the frost is still visible in some of the more shady parts of our garden; it is also very cold outside.

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