Two Starlings

Two Starlings.jpg

It has been very cold today, according to the thermometers, not getting much above minus two degrees Celsius; it also stated ‘it feels like -8’! My daughter saw some flakes of snow as she drove to work this morning in the direction of Cambridge; I have not seen any here.

A busy morning sorting out some paperwork and making telephone calls. Then I walked to the village to collect my prescription and was told that my husband’s prescription would probably be collected, by them, this afternoon; a rubbish comment! It was so cold out that I did not take a camera, but took today’s pictures from the conservatory and the kitchen when I got home. The one in the main picture decided to fly away as I pressed the shutter! The Starling were taking advantage of all the fresh food and water that I had just put out; the little birds were not getting near it, so I will need to refill it again this afternoon.

As it is so cold, an afternoon of knitting looks likely, or maybe I will catch up with some of my reading.

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